What is DuboCalc?

What is DuboCalc?

DuboCalc is a Sustainable Construction Calculator developed by Rijkswaterstaat to calculate the sustainability and environmental costs of procurement and compare. DuboCalc calculates all effects of material and energy from cradle to grave, or from extraction to the demolition and recycling phase. As a result, the securities are denominated in euros, the Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI). The calculations are then considered all relevant environmental impacts throughout the entire lifecycle. The method is based on the methodology of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) according to ISO 14040 standard and Environmental Assessment Method Buildings and Construction.

Why should I use DuboCalc?

The purpose of DuboCalc is to achieve significant environmental benefits in design, performance, and tenders of civil engineering works. DuboCalc is therefore particularly interesting for tenders based on criteria EMAT (Economically Most Advantageous Tender). Clients evaluate tenders. Potential contractors and third parties compare the environmental costs of different design and configuration options and possibly improve their enrollment.

The use of DuboCalc is relatively simple. They create a project and select items from a standard library. The items, eg "concrete C35 / 45" or "pile (steel) 'linked to basic information on environmental impacts.

Requesting DuboCalc

To request a license, please complete the license agreement and send it to dubocalc@netcompany.com

Below you will find the documents to which the license agreement refers:

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

SAAS Agreement

Terms and Conditions

The validity of the these licenses is one year with a maximum of 50 projects per user per license

For licenses other than those offered, please contact dubocalc@netcompany.com

If you are looking for older versions of DuboCalc and associated licenses, look here.

Questions about DuboCalc

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