Result survey

The results of the DuboCalc survey held in September were discussed among users. As main components for improvement have resulted:

  •        DuboCalc library
  •        Transparency of calculations
  •        Reports and analyzes
  •        Usability and usability

The following components have been assessed as best and have received relatively few comments for improvement:

  •        Input of information
  •        Update frequency software (new releases)
  •        DuboCalc helpdesk and website

Via this link you can download the accompanying presentation, including a few common explanations and comments.

Presentation Born Goedkoop, BAM

Born Goedkoop, section leader & sustainability manager at BAM, gave a presentation about his experiences with DuboCalc. He has talked about a short history of sustainability and international standards. He also shared his insights on the use of DuboCalc in the sector, both at clients and at BAM.

His presentation can be downloaded via this link.

'The class of Bas´

Prior to the user meeting, participants at the user meeting with little experience with DuboCalc had a general introduction by Bas Mentink. In view of the great interest and the many questions, an introductory training will be organized together with the next user meeting. If you are already interested, you can report this via

Important data

The next user meeting will be held in May / June 2018.