An instruction about the current version of DuboCalc can be found via this link. In the 1st quarter of 2017, the new version has been released online.

DuboCalc was developed in-house by Rijkswaterstaat and made available to all clients and market. Cenosco and Royal HaskoningDHV continue the development of DuboCalc. You can read more about sustainability criteria in tenders and sustainable procurement by Rijkswaterstaat on The Rijkswaterstaat website.

Sustainable approach Civil Works
Sustainable Civil Works is a collaboration of market participants, government clients, and research institutes to achieve sustainability goals in the civil engineering sector. In Sustainable Approach Civil Works DuboCalc is a tool to assess the environmental costs. More information on the Sustainable Approach for Civil Works and using DuboCalc is available via this link.

National Environment Database
DuboCalc allows for calculations using the National Environmental Database. This database is managed by the Building Quality Foundation. More information on this database is available via this link.