DuboCalc Help Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a general question on how to work with DuboCalc? Dutch reading users may find help at our help files!

  • My license has expired. How can I extend it?

    An expired license of an installed DuboCalc version can be extended. For this, you can submit a request to the support team via support@cenosco.com.

    You will receive an update package with instructions on how the update can be installed.

  • What wlil happen with the current license when DuboCalc 5.0 is released?

    On March 31st, 2017 DuboCalc 5.0 has been released. Starting from July 1st, 2017 users must purchase a license. Each known user will receive a username and password the week following March 31st to get to know DuboCalc 5.0. 

    VersionRelease datePurchased license required
    DuboCalc 5.0 March 31st, 2017 July 1st, 2017
  • I need an older version of DuboCalc for the project in which I am involved. Can I still get this version somewhere?

    DuboCalc Older versions are only available for participants of ongoing projects where this version is required.
    To receive an installation of an older version, please contact via support@cenosco.com. You must indicate for which project it is in the request .

  • When starting DuboCalc I see the following error message: Unable to load odbcji32.dll

    DuboCalc is a 32 bit application. One possibility is that recently something has changed on your system, perhaps an upgrade from Microsoft Access to 64-bit?

    Proceed as follows to resolve this problem:

    1. Windows 10: Go to "Settings> System> Apps & Features", look for "access" and select "Change" / "Repair".
    2. For other Windows systems, go to "Control Panel> Uninstall or change a program", locate and then select from the "Microsoft Access database engine 2010" and then select Repair.
    3. See also: https://www.arclab.com/en/kb/sql/odbc-driver-access-unable-to-load-odbcji32-dll.html
    4. If the problem still occurs, contact support@cenosco.com
  • What data security measures for users have been taken?

    The adminstrator of DuboCalc aims to offer users of DuboCalc 5.0 an acceptable security level of its online environment. For an acceptable security level, security measures have been taken according to the Baseline Information security of the Dutch national government (Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Rijksoverheid). 

  • How do I calculate the CO2 emission of a project or object?

    The following steps can be followed to calculate only the environmental impacts of climate change. This environmental impact is calculated in kg CO2-eq, which inludes greenhouse gas emissions such as CH4 and N2O, converted to the impact of CO2.

    1. Go to the screen Priorities analysis
    2. Under 'Analysis type' choose: Objects all phases
    3. Under ‘Calculate by’ choose: Environmental Impact (instead of MKI)
    4. Select Climate change. In the table at the bottom right you now see an MKI score. This MKI score includes all phases (including the category penalty of 30%), but only the impact category climate change.
    5. Multiply this MKI value with factor 20 to convert to kg CO2-eq. Factor 20 is the moneterization factor (weight factor) of climate change compared to other environmental impacts. 


  • How do I calculate the MKI value for a separate phase?

    DuboCalc calculates the MKI value for four different phases: Construction, Use, Maintenance or End Of Life. To show the MKI values of different phases, go to Priority analysis and choose ‘Objects per phase’ at Analysis type.

  • How can I adjust or use other data of library items

    Only so called transport, energy and lifetime items can be adjusted. Other adjustments or new data can only be made and used by supplying LCA-data for new items. New LCA-data can be supplied according the procedures of the Nationale Milieudatabase. More information (Dutch) can be found on https://milieudatabase.nl/index.php?q=aanmelden-aanleveren-data

    Transport, energy and lifetime items can be recognized by the following icons:

    •   Energy item, application to the Construction of Use phase can be adjusted
    •  Transport item, adjustable transport distance
    •  Lifetime item, adjustable life time
  • I have another question

    Send us your question via support@cenosco.com