Cenosco and Royal HaskoningDHV together perform the further development of DuboCalc. Cenosco takes care of all ICT activities. Royal HaskoningDHV will support Cenosco substantive knowledge and experience of the civil engineering sector and sustainability.

About Cenosco

Cenosco is a unique Software Developer. We provide smart tools for the industry. We are not marketers, not an employment agency for developers but a creative studio where we design product, build and maintain.
We work with a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Our software is carefully constructed from a library of functional components and is provided with very rich features. We do not work from scratch but in size.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is an independent international advisory engineering and project management firm and has existed for over 130 years. Our professionals are active in the field of energy, buildings, industry, infrastructure, aviation, maritime, mining, rural and urban areas, and water. Backed by the expertise of 7,000 colleagues worldwide, our professionals combine global expertise with local knowledge and deliver as multidisciplinary consulting services to government and industry for the overall environment in more than 130 countries. We see an important role for ourselves and our clients in innovation and sustainable development and to contribute to a sustainable society, now and in the future.

Safeguard Royal HaskoningDHV

Cenosco is the main contractor in the management, maintenance, renewal and operation of DuboCalc. Royal HaskoningDHV is a subcontractor and supports Cenosco in substantive advisory work focused on the functional design, the renewal and development of DuboCalc. Royal HaskoningDHV also will test new releases, make substantive contributions to the development of the new DuboCalc build portal and user manuals.

Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, provinces and municipalities to put DuboCalc in tenders to determine the EMVI scores of bidders. In some of these projects Royal HaskoningDHV intends to participate on the part of tenderers. To avoid any conflict of interest Royal HaskoningDHV has no understanding of or access to the information that enter market upload Be it in (the online version) DuboCalc. Royal HaskoningDHV agreed with Cenosco that they not want this information.

For her work, Royal HaskoningDHV have mere access to the testing and acceptance environment of DuboCalc. In this area, there are no sensitive project-specific data from 'third parties'. Royal HaskoningDHV has no system activity in the testing and acceptance environment nor the production of DuboCalc. Changes in access to the system environment of the production will advance Cenosco be submitted to Public Works. Rijkswaterstaat will receive an automated notification from Cenosco when there have been changes in access to the system environment.

Because Royal HaskoningDHV does not have sensitive data and its work is based on public information, no separation steps are taken and an important protection plan is not necessary.

On the basis of above, the position of Royal HaskoningDHV can not (potentially) be considered distortive on the basis of the activities listed in columns 2 and 3 of the Letter of Interest Separation (RWS, dated September 14, 2007).